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The Physiological Ecology of ESA has developed a newsgroup with the USENET name of bionet.ecology.physiology. This is a moderated newsgroup. You may also post items using the e-mail address To subscribe by e-mail see the Ecophys info page. Current traffic on this list is about 1 message per 6 months. Attachments are not permitted.

You can browse or search the ECOPHYS archives at or Google Groups.

Although the newsgroup was initiated by the Physiological Ecology Section, it is, of course, open to everyone.

Newsgroup charter:
Physiological ecology currently has its own section within the Ecological Society of America; it contains over 500 members. Current research and teaching interests of ecophysiologists range from molecular through ecosystem approaches and include all aspects of nutrient and carbon cycles, cell and whole-organism metabolism, life history, evolution, and various modeling endeavors. Environmental physiology is a component of many other related societies, including those in biometeorology, agriculture, and forestry, all of whom benefit from and communicate with this group.

The newsgroup includes topics such as:

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