Physiological Ecology Section Newsletter, 2010

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MISSION, OFFICERS, AND MEMBERSHIP The Physiological Ecology Section promotes research and teaching that explore interrelationships among the functions of organisms and their environments. As of January 2010, Kiona Ogle (University of Wyoming) completed her term as Secretary of the Section. Jennifer Funk (Chapman University) took over for a two-year term, with goals of working toward supporting student attendance at ESA and participation in the student awards competition, as well as recruiting innovative, inter-disciplinary symposia. Zoe Cardon (Marine Biological Laboratory) is serving her second year as President. During autumn 2010, a new President will be elected. Webmaster Rob Jackson continues his long-term service to the section; our web site is

We have broad section membership, and many members are also part of the Biogeosciences, Education, Rangeland Ecology, Researchers at Undergraduate Institutions, Soil Ecology, Urban Ecosystem Ecology, and Vegetation Sections. This year, our Section-sponsored symposium planned for Pittsburgh (see below) -- organized by Lauren Buckley (Univ. of North Carolina), Amy Angert (Colorado State Univ.), and Lisa Crozier (NOAA Fisheries) -- aims to meld understanding of the traits/ecology/evolution of organisms (the "legacy of the past") with our need to understand/predict species ranges in a warmed world (the "challenge of our future").


First, THANK YOU to all the judges who make it possible to offer these awards each year. Your efforts keep our Section’s activities going; we greatly appreciate your willingness to serve.


Mixer and Business Meeting
At Pittsburgh, August 4 2010, our Physiological Ecology Section will hold its mixer and business meeting on Wednesday evening, 6:30 PM-8:00 PM Blrm BC, David L Lawrence Convention Center. Come early, come hungry, come thirsty, and come ready to discuss at least two (maybe more) section opportunities:
(1) How we can best support ESA’s initiative in Planetary Stewardship?
(2) How we can best allocate our new Student Travel funds, $2500 each year, for the next 5 years?

Sponsored symposium and organized oral session at ESA in Pittsburgh, 2010


Web site: Reminder! Our web site is The web site is very dynamic and packed with information about:

Section booth at the ESA meetings: In 2009, we established the Physiological Ecology Section Booth at the annual meeting. The booth served as a Section focal point, featuring:

The raffle attracted the attention of an anonymous donor who has now promised $2500 per year for the next 5 years to support student attendance at the meetings. We’ll have another booth this year in Pittsburgh – be sure to come by!

Submitted by: Zoe Cardon
President, Physiological Ecology Section, ESA

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